2020 Summer Collection

The Pineapple Sandwiches Collection

Palm trees.  Salty hair.  Clear skies. Ocean breeze. Sunshine. Sandy feet.
If only just saying these words could export us all to our favorite vacation spots overlooking the beautiful sea…
I’m so excited to bring this summer collection of art based on the sea. With each painting, I felt like I got to enter the pictures and experience the beach in a new way–through watercolor.
My hope is that no matter where you are from the sea…whether you’re 5 minutes, or 10 hours…these pieces will help you escape your crazy and busy world, and enter into a space of calm and whimsical beauty.

Sunset Shadows

A Day at the Beach

How Much More

A Retro Bus Adventure

A Front Row Seat

Beach Day Essentials

Seaside Shelters

Wading Elegance

Finally There

Pineapple Sandwiches

Traveling Sea Turtles

Mementos from the Shore