Holiday Collection

I LOVE Christmas, and this year I broke all the rules and went ahead and put up my tree and decorations–even though we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet. 
I also may have went a little crazy because instead of creating my normal 10 piece product line of paintings–I made TWO separate Christmas lines! 
The ideas just kept flowing, and I think I just want Christmas to be here already 🙂 
All that to say, I’m so excited to introduce to you my two collections of mini watercolor prints!  Each of these designs are original, tiny Christmas paintings created especially for you this year.
Christmas can be such a crazy and busy season, so adding these sets to your decorating this year is purposeful.  I wanted you to be able to look up from whatever you are doing and see these magical designs as reminders of the merry and magic of the season–and also reminders to prepare your heart to make room for the True reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place 🙂

See the Sets

The Merry and Magical Mini Collection–a series of tiny, original watercolor paintings depicting traditional Christmas scenes of magical snow, Christmas trees, and more.
The Let Us Adore Collection–a series of tiny, original watercolor paintings depicting several main scenes from the nativity story.