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Look up at the stars…


His heart for the nations

The Mended in Gold Collection
God’s  heart for the nations:
There is a beautiful theme–and thread of gold if you will– throughout the Bible concerning God’s heart for the nations. 
It  was never to just love and save one group of people, but to save ALL the families of the earth, bringing them into relationship with Him. 
In  the well known story of Abraham, God makes a covenant with him–a promise that he will use his descendants to bless the entire world.  God  tells him to look up and count the stars…and that’s how many descendants he will have. 
The amazing part is, God wasn’t just talking about blood descendants of Abraham, but He was including ALL the peoples of the earth that would be adopted into the Kingdom  (because of the work Christ would accomplish later in the story). 
I did this set of beautiful African woman as a reminder of God’s heart for the nations.
 I’m so thankful that He counted me into the number of stars that day…as he did with so many other nations, families, and beautiful peoples of the earth.
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