Tropical Tiara


Flowers for a princess


Flowers for a princess

Jumping Jungle Collection
One of the main goals of this art collection for kids was to create art that could be customized especially for your child.  When things are customized–whether it’s with your name or initial or favorite saying or quote, it adds so much more personal value to the walls of your home.  The pieces you hang up to look at everyday become not just pretty pops of color, but personal and meaningful touches that make your house feel more like a home. 
This wreath full of jungle flowers and tropical leaves is a beautiful way of personalizing your little princess’s nursery decor and celebrating the beautiful name you gave her.
This painting is from my brand new kids wall art line called the Jumping Jungle Collection. 
This painting can stand alone, but also looks amazing as a set with its 2 other parts–a rainbow and a flamingo. 🙂
  • There are 3 sizes available with this print. Feel free to contact me if you want a different size, and I can work out a quote for you.
  • This piece is from my kids wall art line called The Jumping Jungle Collection
  • Original artwork is painted on medium textured, cold press, acid free Arches watercolor paper.  Prints of artwork are printed on medium texture, cold press watercolor paper.
  • Art prints do not come framed

Make it a set!

Place this customizable wreath with it’s two friends to make it the perfect gallery wall for your child’s room–their happy place. 

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