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Finally at the beach

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Finally at the beach

The Pineapple Sandwiches Collection
As a family growing up, we never lived that close to the beach.  I think the closest beach was around 3 to 4 hours away from where we lived.  This meant it was always a long and sometimes strenuous journey getting there.
There were always levels of excitement and anticipation with each step closer we took to get to the sea.  First packing up our family van with summer clothes and snacks. Listening to music on the drive and making stops along the way.  Then, after finally arriving at our destination, unloading all the bags, changing into our swimsuits and flip flops and loading up with sunscreen…to then at LAST….FINALLY, taking the walk down the board walk to the point where the wooden boards meet the sand.  The point where you can at last take your shoes off and feel the sand slide between your toes….At that point, all the work of packing and driving and carrying bags and sunscreening up…it all fades away…all the work is worth it because you’re finally at the beach.
This piece represents the point where the board walk meets the sand.  The point where you can finally take off your shoes because you’re FINALLY THERE.
The Pineapple Sandwiches collection is my brand new summer collection with its main purpose being to help “bring the beach to you”.  I hope they bring you closer in your mind and heart to the sea, even if you’re miles or months away from getting to physically go.
  • There is ONE original of this piece, so when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Then there are 2 available prints in various sizes (choose size in the menu above for pricing).
  • This piece is from my summer collection called The Pineapple Sandwiches Collection
  • Original artwork is painted on medium textured, cold press, acid free Arches watercolor paper.  Prints of artwork are printed on medium texture, cold press watercolor paper.
  • Art prints do not come framed

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