Dancing in the Rain


This too shall pass

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This too shall pass

“This too shall pass”–These are words of wisdom from my mom who has patiently endured so much during her life time.  Any time I went to her with a problem, this would be one of the many things she would say, and as an adult, I see now that there is a lot of wisdom in this statement. 
Nothing lasts forever.  Things that are hard will get better, circumstances change, and there is always hope and light at the end of tunnels.
It might not seem like it, or feel like it, but there is a time for everything–a time to weep, and a time to laugh, a time to sit still, and a time to move.  The list can go on.
This painting represents the hope that the rain will pass–but in the waiting, we can still have joy.  And peace.  What patience we will learn as we endure..and learn to celebrate the small things while we wait–like splashing in puddles and dancing in the rain 🙂
This piece would make an amazing, fresh new look for spring on your favorite wall.
The When it Rains collection is only available for a limited time, and stock is also limited, so don’t miss out!

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