In the Midst of the Storm


“Even the winds and waves obey Him…”–Matthew 8:27 (NIV)


"Even the winds and waves obey Him..."

The Singing Sparrow Collection
“In the midst of the storm
When the waves overwhelm
And the thunder crashes
In the depths of the realms
He is near
He does not let go”
There are so many different kinds of storms we face in life.  From health, finances, loss of loved ones…it doesn’t take long to read the news and feel so discouraged and defeated when we read about all the chaos going on around us.
These storms that cause overwhelm, that make us feel defeated, that seem to hide any trace of light of hope from our view…they are not too big for our God.
There is a beautiful story in scripture where Jesus and the disciples get on a boat to cross the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus falls asleep, and when a huge storm comes upon them, the disciples are afraid and can’t believe Jesus is sleeping through it. 
They wake him in their understandable panic, and then Jesus stands up and speaks to the winds and waves and calms the storm.  He then asks the disciples, “Where is your faith?”
What a comforting reminder that the winds and the waves listen to Him.  That despite the chaos going on around them, the disciples didn’t need to be afraid because Jesus was with them.
I know it’s easier said than done, but may God give us faith SO deep that even when the waves are overwhelming and the thunder crashes, we can know deep down the truths that He is near and He does not let go of us.
We may feel like tiny sparrows tossed about aimlessly in the midst of our storms, but His eye is on the sparrow.  We can miraculously know peace in the storm because He is near.
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