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“Because His Compassion doesn’t fail…”

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His compassion doesn't fail

Grace in the Ordinary–a Mother’s day mini gift collection
When I had my first baby 4 years ago,  I remember the first few hours in the hospital were like a dream come true–holding this beautiful new life. But when the second night came, and reality set in, all I remember was how hard that night was–how he screamed most of the night.
My husband wasn’t allowed to spend the night in the hospital that night, so I was by myself with a brand new baby and not knowing what to do.
BUT in the middle of the night, I remembered a piece of advice a friend gave me.
She was a mom of four, and I remember her telling me there would be so many nights that would be hard–especially with a newborn. Nights of no sleep and changing diapers and cleaning up spit up…but what she always was so grateful for was the sun coming out the next morning.
As simple as it may sound, it meant she had made it through the night, and for some reason things that seem to be really hard in the dark are a little more manageable in the day time…when the sun is out.
SO, sitting in the chair with my newborn and watching the sun rays beam into my window that morning is something I will never forget. That feeling of hope. That I had made it through that hard night…and there were new mercies on the horizon with the new morning.
With this memory in mind, I painted this painting to represent all the different seasons and kinds of “weather” we endure–especially as parents. There are times of storms, dark nights, and deserts…but then there are also times when the rainbows come out, and the sun rays shine…and we’re reminded of Hope…and how “His compassion doesn’t fail”–no matter what the night (or day) may bring. 
This painting is a part of my Mother’s day mini gift collection, and I thought it would be beautiful printed on a mug–as a reminder when you drink your morning coffee–no matter what season of life you are in–that His mercies truly are new every morning. 
For this Mother’s day collection, I sought to create really special and meaningful art that could serve as a way to touch the heart of your loved one, and speak louder than any words we could ever say– to express how much we love our moms :). 
I created 5 different pieces of art, and have made different options available for printing using these images–mugs, notebooks, candles, cards–SO you can choose the perfect gift for your mom/loved one.
  • Material: 100% White Ceramic
  • Size: 11 Fluid oz.; 3.75″ (H) x 3.25″ (W)
  • Care: Dishwasher + Microwave Safe

Also available as an art print:

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